Advance Engineering Services has following engineering capabilities:

Advance Engineering Services (AES) is an engineering company, which undertakes works in project management, engineering & design, mechanical construction, fabrication, electrical works and instrumentation & controls. It is based in Lahore. 

BHP Billiton CO2 Removal Plant

  • The BHP Billiton CO2 removal plant is a state-of-the-art facility designed to capture and store carbon dioxide emissions from industrial processes.
  • The plant utilizes cutting-edge technology to capture CO2 emissions and convert them into a useful byproduct, while minimizing the impact on the environment.
  • The plant is located in a strategic location, close to large industrial complexes that generate significant amounts of CO2.
  • This allows the plant to capture and store large volumes of carbon dioxide emissions, reducing the overall carbon footprint of the region.
  • The CO2 captured at the plant is used for enhanced oil recovery, which involves injecting CO2 into oil reservoirs to increase the amount of oil that can be extracted.
  • This process not only reduces the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere but also helps to increase oil production, making it a win-win solution for both the environment and the economy.

Descon Engineering Ltd Humriyah UAE

E & I work GDP and FGP Offshore Skids.

  • Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) work is a crucial aspect of the design and construction of offshore skids for Gas Development Projects (GDP) and Flare Gas Recovery Projects (FGP). E&I work involves the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical and instrumentation systems that are vital to the safe and efficient operation of offshore skids.

  • The E&I work for GDP and FGP offshore skids involves a range of specialized tasks, including the installation of electrical cables, power distribution systems, control panels, and instrumentation equipment.

  • Offshore conditions present unique challenges, and E&I professionals working on GDP and FGP offshore skids must be highly trained and experienced in working in these conditions.

  • The quality of E&I work is critical to safe and efficient operation of offshore skids. Poorly installed or maintained electrical and instrumentation systems can pose safety risks, cause equipment failures, and disrupt production.

Mari Petroleum Company Ltd

E & I Work at Kala Bagh Gas Filed

  • Mari Petroleum Company Ltd has a team of experienced and skilled E & I professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the Kala Bagh Gas Field.

  • The E & I work at Kala Bagh Gas Field includes the installation, maintenance, and repair of various electrical and instrumentation equipment used in the oil and gas industry, such as power systems, control systems, communication systems, and instrumentation devices.

  • The E & I work done by Mari Petroleum Company Ltd at Kala Bagh Gas Field plays a critical role in the successful operation and maintenance of the field, which contributes to the overall energy supply of Pakistan and the economic growth of the country.