Engineering Capabilities


                                         Skills in design and modification capability on the following type of documentation

·                  Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P & ID)

·                  Control Topology, Single Line Diagrams, Network Architecture

·                  Programming and applications development for PLC and SCADA systems

·                  Wiring, Termination, Loop and Hookup Drawings

·                  Assembly drawings, Bill Of Quantities, Cable & Instrument Schedules

·                  Area classification drawings

·                  Instrumentation and field material selection

·                  As built documentation


    Product Engineering Services

·                  User specific requirements

·                  Product design and software development in low and high level languages 

·                  Prototyping

·                  Fabrication, assembling, testing

·                  After sales support


    Design and Engineering Skills 

·                  Detail Engineering for industrial projects

·                  Reverse Engineering

·                  Product Development

·                  Circuit Design

·                  PLC Programming

·                  MCC/ LT Panel Wiring design

·                  Customer Support and Services

·                  Solar System Designing


    Consultancy Services

·                  Process Debottlenecking

·                  Energy audit

·                  Process Selection

·                  Material and Energy Balances

·                  Organizational re-engineering

·                  Project management

·                  ERP selection and business end consultancy


     Plant Construction Services

                            Installation of Control Panels, and Field Instrumentation.

·                  Plant Equipment and Machinery

·                  Installation of Power Plant

·                  HT, LT and Instrument Cables Laying

·                  Instrumentation, Lighting, Cable Ladders and conduit work for Field Instrumentation



    E&I Skills 

·               MCC/ LT Panel wiring

·               Installation of Instruments

·               Instrument Tubing

·               Control Panel Wiring

·               MCC/HV Panels Installation

·               Cable Routing/Laying

·               Cable Glanding Termination Armored/ Unarmored)

·               Cable Tray/Ladder Installation


·               Grounding / Earthing of Equipment and Instruments